Who we are

Preserve the tried and tested - and supplement with innovative products.

Pharmaselect Handel is the Austrian sales subsidiary of Pharmaselect International, a small, family-owned pharmaceutical company based in Vienna. Founded in 2000, it is our goal to take over tried and tested products from larger companies and to sell them on the market over the long term.

A good example of this is the ALGESAL pain cream that we acquired from the Belgian chemical and pharmaceutical company Solvay. This pain cream contains a combination of two active ingredients that do not otherwise exist and is ideal for treating back pain. We have revised the production process and brought it up to date. Now we are pleased to be able to offer you this excellent product from European production again.

Another example is OKUZELL eye drops for dry eyes. We have developed a new range of modern eye drops without preservatives based on this well-known Austrian product: drops and sprays, water-based or supplemented with lipids.

In addition to non-prescription products such as ALGESAL and OKUZELL, we also sell a range of prescription-only products. One focus of our product portfolio is drugs for eye diseases. Another group of products is used for cardiac emergencies in hospitals.

The amazing thing about it: More than half of our products contain natural substances. We even obtain our anti-arrhythmic drug Gilurytmal, which is used in emergencies in the event of an irregular heartbeat, from a plant extract. And we want to maintain that: to combine nature and innovation for the benefit of our patients.

And something else is important to us: Our products should not only cure or alleviate symptoms. We want to start beforehand. That is why some of our products have a preventive effect and support the body. Others, in turn, delay the course of the disease so that some diseases no longer develop fully. Modern, contemporary therapy has many facets. We at Pharmaselect try to meet all of this.